Thursday, 18 July 2013

Use of Health Masks for Maintaining Hygiene

Every one of us knows that safety medical masks are very crucial to maintain hygiene cleanliness in our respiratory system. These masks are one of the medical items which are known by the name of PPE (Personal protective equipment). These sorts of masks are dominant in health care environment such as hospitals, and pharmacies.
Whether it is a operation theatre or an OPD department, use of these masks is obvious. Though reusable masks have many different purposes but the prime function is preventing the viral diseases from spreading from patients to others and hence controlling the spread of infections among humans. Using them is vital for creating awareness toward health and hygienic values.

These masks can also be used by engineers working on geographic sites in order to prevent dusts and chemical effects. Geologists usually work in fields and wells where dust is flying more than normal streets. That dust can also be harmful for human respiratory system creating serious health dangers. Therefore, it is also a common practice for engineers to wear reusable dust masks so they could safeguard themselves from health dangers. Even sensitive people also wear masks to prevent from harmful dusty breezes that can harm lungs and respiratory systems.

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